Discover the green heart of Limburg

Leudal is a nice rural town covered with woods and situated in Limburg, a province in the south of the Netherlands. It counts 16 villages and owes its name to the Leudal natural park, a woody and particularly nice district with a lot of trails and cycle routes. The northern part borders on the National Park Groote Peel and the eastern part on the large aquatic recreation area formed by the Maas river and its  lakes. The Leudal town is situated between the cities of Roermond, Weert and Venlo, known for their extended shopping and recreation facilities and cultural services.

Leudal inhabitants know how to receive their visitors with hospitality. The range of possibilities to spend the night in the town and its surroundings is wide and diverse. There are several camping sites, holiday cottages and simple or luxury hotels: a choice for every budget. For more information about the possibilities to spend the night and the worth seeing places, look on the site of the Tourist Information Office (VVV Midden-Limburg:, or Liefde voor Limburg (Loving Limburg): or

Leudal is a colourful town: nature, culture and history are nearby and you will find these elements in the 16 villages. It is for a good reason that so many tourists find Leudal for a short or prolonged stay.